We are very pleased to present an MCDA Special Speaker event:

LinkedIn One & Two

Presented by Sabrina Woods

 Friday, January 16, 2015

Two programs: 9:30 – 12:30  and 1:30 – 4:45

USM, Payson Smith #1, Portland, Maine       

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LinkedIn One : Maximize LinkedIn for You, Your Clients & Your Workshops  – 9:30  am – 12:30pm

At this point, Linkedin certainly isn’t new to you. You are most likely using it and teaching this tool to your clients/students.  You recognize that it has become a critical part of networking, career exploration and, of course, job search.  If you like the tool, and want to explore even more of its’ potential, then join us for this engaging, hands-on lab session. Topics to be covered:

Enhance your own profile. Do you have a savvy summary, catchy headline, and visually compelling media links? Have you thought about your own keywords? Are you positioning yourself for your next career move? You’ll have the opportunity to work on your own profile during the session.  You’ll also get a profile critique from a fellow career services professional.

Utilize Linkedin, even more, for your job as a career professional. Are you connected to, and contributing to, the best possible groups? Have you customized your Linkedin news? Are you posting regular updates? Do you use Linkedin to find guest speakers for your programs?

Learn how to run a successful Linkedin Lab workshop. Or, use this curriculum when working 1-on-1 with your clients. Whether you are teaching Linkedin in a group setting, or coaching your individual clients, have you changed your curriculum to reflect Linkedin’s latest changes? We’ll cover profile content, building strong summaries, adding media links, how to do home page updates, getting the most out of your groups, asking for informational interviews, and more.

We’ll address these three areas in a highly interactive and hands-on way, while you are logged into your own Linkedin profile. Please bring a laptop or tablet to this session.

LinkedIn 2 : Advanced Session  — 1:30 pm – 4:45pm

This advanced session is designed for the avid Linkedin user, or those who have attended Linkedin 1. 

In the Linkedin 2 seminar, it is assumed participants are already doing or teaching the following:  have a summary; know about posting updates on the home page and having conversations in groups; conducting informational interviews by contacting people through groups; and researching companies. These topics will not be addressed in this workshop. It will be assumed you have this knowledge (or that you are attending LinkedIn 1 which covers all those topics).

What we will talk about will be the more recent changes and new functions on Linkedin, as well as some new ways of using what has always been there. Did you know you can now view a first level connection’s “Recent Activity,” not to mention the fact that you can search their connections directly? Are you and your clients using Linkedin Updates to Grow Your Reputation? Have you added a Visual Header to your profile (now available on free accounts)? How about the University Finder, have you had a chance to play with this cool tool? Join us to learn about these and other advanced strategies while collaborating with other professionals in a highly interactive and engaging workshop. Please bring a laptop or tablet to this session.

Feedback from past Linkedin Train-the-Trainer participants: 

“This was fantastic. I’m a regular and avid Linkedin user and learned a ton. Sabrina was great.”

“Great program. There’s enough info in LinkedIn to do several days, but Sabrina tailored the presentation to the audience and gave us what we needed.”

Program Facilitator: Sabrina Woods is an Associate Director Career Services with 14 years of experience at Northeastern University.  Sabrina also runs a private practice as a Holistic Career/Life Coach & LinkedIn Trainer. Sabrina has taught interactive Linkedin workshops at universities in the US, the UK and the Middle East including at Harvard, Tufts, MIT, RISD, SUNY, the University of London, and the American University in Dubai, UAE.  For more information, visit: www.sabrina-woods.com, or www.linkedin.com/in/sabrinawoods.

PROGRAM 1 – Morning session onlyLinkedIn 1:Maximize LinkedIn for You, Your Clients & Your Workshops9:30am – 12:30pmCost: $45 members$65 for non-membersMaximum: 20 people PROGRAM 2– Afternoon session onlyLinkedIn 2: Advanced Session1:30pm – 4:45pmCost: $45 members$65 non – membersMaximum: 20 people


Attend both sessions

9:30 am – 12:30 and 1:30 – 4:45pm

Cost: $75 members $110 non-members

Maximum: 20 people



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