MCDA K-12 Career Education Webinar

Career Education Pathways Through School Advisor-Advisee Programming

Facilitated by Mary Ellen Bell

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018


MaryEllen Bell from Wiscasset Schools will provide a two-hour instructional and practical workshop entitled ‘Career Education Pathways Through School Advisor-AdviseeProgramming’. This interactive webinar is geared toward high school level educators and administrators who are interested in creating or deepening career pathway work in Advisor-Advisee programs.  

The first hour will introduce the key components of high school Advisor-Advisee programming and focus on perspectives relevant to administrators, school counselors and teachers on the “nitty-gritty” of this kind of integrated career pathway programming.  Participants in each remote site will get a chance listen to stakeholder audio clips and then discuss issues and connections that come up in their own settings.

The second hour will focus on sharing out career education curriculum goals and materials that support specifically student milestones including informational interviews, job shadows, senior mentorships and the overall integration of career pathway work school wide.  Learning from the best practices from the successful implementation of this strategy in Wiscasset will prepare participants to initiate similar programs in their schools.

For more information, MaryEllen’s article about this program published by the National Career Development Association can be found here.


  • Bates College, Lewiston, ME – live presentation
  • USM (Portland), UMaine (Augusta) and other locations (details coming soon) – Streaming webinar and discussion


  • Free for current MCDA members
  • $20 for non-members (includes annual membership for 2018-19)


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