Friday April 29th
University of Southern Maine – Portland campus. 
Payson Smith Hall, room 1
**Free parking in the Parking Garage / Directions

9am – noon: Incubator Lab ($35)
1:30 – 4:30pm Holistic Mindfulness Practices ($35)
Attend both for $60

Sabrina Woods

Sabrina Woods

Presenter:   Sabrina M. Woods     Holistic Career / Life Coach & Linkedin Trainer

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The Incubator Lab: Get Inspired & Turn Ideas into Action
Morning Session 9am – noon

Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

“If I had the time, I could create this new workshop for our career center.”

“I love to brainstorm, but I lose energy when it comes to the discipline of implementing.”

“What I’d like to do is come up with a new strategy for our [social media, appointment booking, employer relations, career fair marketing, etc.], but I often get hit with too many interruptions.”

“I’ve got lots of ideas, but it would be nice to bounce them off other people outside my organization.”

Now imagine getting to spend a couple of hours generating new ideas or strategy, and taking those ideas beyond conception, to a more concrete level.

The “incubator stage” of a new start-up signifies the beginning, new ideas, hope, excitement, possibilities, freedom.  Adopting this initial principle, and putting it into a hands-on workshop intensive, is what we have in store for you.

Look inward. As a first step, we’ll do a short exercise to help you clarify what you love.  You’ll be looking at what parts of your work are the most rewarding and what you might want to put your energy into for future projects.

Be Inspired.  Next we’ll share some inspiration.  Each participant will be asked to share something exciting, innovative or interesting that you heard about at a conference, from a colleague or that you contributed to in your own organization.  

Brainstorm.  Come to this session with some ideas for projects you want to work on, or come with an open mind and expectations to create.

Get Feedback.  Your fellow “lab participants” will act as your “start-up” project advisors as you generate ideas and move forward.

Turn Ideas into Action.  You’ll have the gift of time during the session to begin working on your ideas.  If it’s a new workshop that you are developing, you’ll spend time in the lab, actually working on the PowerPoint itself.  If you are working on a benchmarking research project, you’ll be encouraged to put together an outline and start the research on the spot.

You are welcome to come to this session full of ideas that you want to hash out, or come with an open mind and the excitement to see what pops up and unfolds.  Please bring a laptop or tablet to this session.

Holistic & Mindfulness Practices: Integrating Creative Approaches into Career Advising
Afternoon Session 1.30 – 4.30

Are you looking for new and creative ways of working with your students and clients? Have you noticed the rise of, as Time magazine puts it, “The Mindful Revolution”? During this seminar participants will have the chance to practice with some new tools on yourself, and learn mindfulness-based and creative techniques to use during your career counseling / advising sessions.

Tools and Topics will include:

  • Bulls Eye Exercise – An insightful and comprehensive tool for career and job decision making, especially helpful for when you are torn between two options.
  • Visualization Exercises – Pro athletes use visualization techniques to imagine their performance in a game or event, before it happens. Interview candidates can tap this valuable technique too!
  • Face Your Fear, Free Your Energy (in the Job Search) – Explore your worst case scenario and face those fears, as a means to getting unstuck and freeing up that energy that is being wasted on worry.
  • The Power of Positive Thinking & Developing Affirmations – Gratitude journals, affirmations and setting intentions can help when you are feeling a lack of hope, or just want a powerful boost for your job/internship search.

Facilitator: Sabrina Woods is a Holistic Career / Life Coach and Associate Director Career Development at Northeastern University. Sabrina has an MA in Holistic Counseling and BS in Business. In her private practice, she uses holistic principles and practices while working with individuals who are going through mid-career transitions and life changes. For more information:

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