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Dear Members & Friends,

I have truly felt the benefit this month of being part of such a generous, engaged group of professionals on the MCDA Board.  Equally, we sense the engagement of members and friends.  Whether it's the exciting conversations & opportunities to meet collaeagues around the state, and from other states, in a Career Cafe or the willingness of others to suggest ideas or help each other in a pinch. Thanks all! Now, lots of great events coming up and in the planning stages so watch the website and stay tuned!! 

Best regards,

Holly Smevog, MCDA President

Please Join Us for

Conversation & Networking

at the April Career Cafe

Tuesday, April 27th

8:30-10:00, via Zoom

Discussion room choices and registration will be posted soon.  

Please check back here closer to the event:


A Sneak Peek at the

MCDA Annual Conference 2021

Trends for Career Development and Services

Post Pandemic!”

Five topic areas*will be offered throughout summer 2021 starting in early June through mid-August 2021. Workshops will be delivered over Zoom.

1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

2. Doorways to Employment Resources

3. Innovative Job Search Strategies

4. Human Resource Professionals Hiring Needs

5. Mental Health and the Job Search. 

Stay tuned for specific dates, presenters, and registration materials.

*Subject to revision.

You probably already know that this year’s NCDA conference will be held virtually for the safety of all participants, but did you know that two types of registrations are being offered this year? Depending on how many continuing education units you need and how many sessions you’d like to access, there are two levels of registration and pricing to choose from:

15 CE hours and access to 20 sessions for $229 for NCDA members.

25 CE hours and access to 33 sessions for $279 for NCDA members.

(Other registration fee amounts apply for non-members and for the NCDA Student/Retired/New Professional membership category.)

Click here to register.

NCDA Career Convergence Highlights

The April issue of NCDA’s monthly web magazine expands our horizons with articles that will help us expand our students’ or clients’ horizons. Exploring majors and careers, shifting to the Gig Economy, and designing one’s work life are some examples of this month’s eye-opening content. A sneak preview of a few articles from the April issue is below:

Creating an Impactful Career Development Course: Incorporating Social Justice with Career and Major Exploration for College Students by Matt Eng and Eve Millett

Higher education institutions offer courses to assist students with adjusting to their post-secondary careers. However, what can we do to address the needs of students that have not yet chosen their major? UNIV 340 is an example of incorporating career exploration and social justice into a major exploration course.

Gig Economy Jobs – A Good Fit for the Baby Boomer Generation by Page Vincent

For many older Americans, prolonging or changing the professional window will become paramount. Yet the workplace presents challenges to workers over 50 years of age. How do we, as Career Services Providers, support this critical and growing population of job seekers? The “Gig Economy” provides great opportunities.

Designing Your Work Life: How to Thrive and Change and Find Happiness at Work Book Review by Janine Rowe

Designing Your Work Life blends concepts from self-determination theory, growth mindset research, positive psychology, and design thinking to help readers create a more satisfying working life. Practical tips provided can be used by career professionals to empower and engage clients in their career development.



The following article was written by Christine Murphy, PhD, MCDA Agency Board Member, Director of Donor Engagement and Major Gifts for United Way

As Covid vaccinations increase across the state, companies and employees are looking towards a post-Covid return to the office. The transition away from a fully remote workforce will most likely come in fits and starts, and for people looking for new opportunities, here are a few helpful hints while navigating these murky waters. 

  • Be honest. If a company asks if you have received a vaccination yet, be clear. Do not assume that you will have an appointment by the time your interview arrives. However, if you have one scheduled before the interview, make that clear as well. 
  • Follow protocol. Companies have their own policies regarding work and the workplace during Covid. Even if your current position has moved back into the office space (or never left), other opportunities may still require remote work and interviews, or specific hygiene regulations for in-office appearances. If attending an in-person event (interview, conference, networking opportunity, etc.), ask for their Covid protocol. If attending a virtual event, doublecheck the video and microphone on your computer. 
  • Be flexible. It is much easier to organize a virtual interview or conference when all members are either in person or online. When the attendees are half and half, technological errors, timing, and basic presentation skills become more difficult to navigate. 
  • Allow yourself extra time by arriving early (in person or online), having printed out any documents you need, and backed up all virtual files by email. 
  • If an in-person meeting becomes a virtual meeting at the last minute, try to be accommodating. Attempts to move work staff back into the office may fall through when Covid tests return positive, symptoms of staff appear, or vaccination schedules are delayed. 
  • Reconsider your start date. When interviewing for a position, consider flexibility regarding your start time.
  • Even if you are hoping to start ASAP, if a company you are interested in makes clear that all onboarding will occur only once all employees are back in the office, you may want to weigh your immediate financial needs against a delayed start date at a company you feel is a better fit. 
  • Similarly, if you feel safe to do so, it may be worth starting at a company which is in the process of bringing employees back into the office, even if that means a split schedule between in office and remote work and taking longer to meet your colleagues in person. 
  • If a company extends you an offer but changes your start date at the last minute, this may not be a sign of a problematic employer. Considering the fluid state of workforce engagement, many companies are having to adjust their policies daily. While this may be frustrating, these are extenuating circumstances, and you may wish to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

Good Luck with The Search!

~ Christine

New Facebook Group!

MCDA member Anush Hansen has created the Career Counseling Connection, a private Facebook group and online community where career counselors and career coaches in private practice (or interested in private practice) can connect with and support each other, ask questions, and share ideas and resources. 

When requesting to join, be sure to answer the "membership questions." New members welcomed!

Inspiration for April 2021

Want to get published?

The Independent Practice department of Career Convergence is accepting article submissions for fall 2021 and winter 2021-22 issues. Articles may focus on theories and approach in career counseling or coaching, working with special populations, resources for private practitioners and their clients, or the business of an independent/private practice.

If interested, review the submission guidelines and send your article to Career Convergence Associate Editor Michelle Tullier, or contact her to discuss your idea: [email protected].

For News from Our Colleagues In Rhode Island, please follow this link to the Rhode Island Career Development Association Newsletter.



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