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Dear Members and Friends,

One year since the arrival of Covid-19 and here we are. Most of you have really dialed in Zoom life and found new ways to be happy spending *a lot* more time at home.  In my outplacement work, I have listened to many stories of challenge and loss.  In the face of it all, we carry on. The resilience, humility and humor I have witnessed on the part of my clients, colleagues, fellow board members, MCDA members, family and friends is truly inspirational.  I know we can get through this together. Hang tough. The job market is just starting to rebound, schools are increasing in person classes, vaccines are coming and warm weather is just around the corner (well maybe a few corners!).

Best wishes to you and I hope you find the resources in this newsletter valuable. See you at the Career Cafe!

~ Holly Smevog, MCDA President

Please Join Us for MCDA's

January Event

 Career Cafe

 A Virtual Conversation

Tuesday, February 23rd

8:30-10:00, via Zoom

Using breakout rooms, attendees will have a choice to discuss the following topics:

TOPIC 1:  New training options and techniques in career development

TOPIC 2: Current trends in the job market

TOPIC 3: How to best prepare clients for virtual interviews, virtual internships, and virtual jobs.

TOPIC 4: How do you intentionally network when meeting face-to-face isn't possible?

Registration Link:


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Career Resources

Shared with MCDA by Donna Gaspar Jarvis, MCDA Board Member

Career Advisor, University of New England/Volunteer Career Coach, In Her Presence

February is National Black History Month. In the past eight months, since the senseless killing of George Floyd, which further spurred widespread Black Lives Matter protests across the country, there has been an increased national awakening around the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace. Leadership in many businesses, organizations, committees, school boards, departments, and classrooms are self-reflecting, and people are examining what their role is individually and collectively and how we can best respond and be accountable for integrating DEI efforts in our own practice and work.

Career Development practitioners are no exception. The National Career Development Association’s Cultural Diversity Committee biannually updates its NCDA Multicultural Resource List, which includes articles for members to access relevant journal articles. The resource is an effort to demonstrate a commitment to the continual learning process of cultural sensitivity and humility and can be found on their membership site HERE.

In addition, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), has a “Diversity” tab on its website that includes featured articles, trends and predictions, best practices, resources, and tools accessible to members HERE

At MCDA, social justice in career advising has been a breakout topic at the last two monthly Career Cafes, with participants not just from Maine, but career development professionals from associations in other states also joining the conversation.

To support MCDA members in sharing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion resources within our own network, we have created a shared open-access DEI padlet. This is by no means a comprehensive resource list, rather an opportunity for those interested and committed to deepening their understanding of DEI practices, to have access to a shared clearinghouse of information in order for us to learn with and from each other. The padlet is accessible to all MCDA members with the URL link, and anyone interested is invited to add their own articles, books, videos, podcasts or other resources:







Apply for an NCDA Grant!!

Submit your Annual Grant proposal using this online form.

Proposals for the Annual Grant are due by Friday, February 26th.Annual Grant award notifications will be sent no later than Friday, March 8th.


NCDA is offering six competitive $500 to $1,000 grants to support Divisions like Maine Career Development Association!

The funds may be utilized for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 work plans.  The grants are intended for association activities related to:

  • Workshops, Seminars, Webinars and Conferences
  • Publications/Newsletters/Website
  • Government Relations/Public Policy Efforts
  • Marketing Materials
  • Networking Activities
  • Service to the Community
  • Other Services to Members

Proposals will be judged based on planned use of funds and support the mission of NCDA to provide professional development, publications, standards, and advocacy to practitioners and educators who inspire and empower individuals to achieve their career and life goals. 

If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn D. Jones, Trustee State Divisions at [email protected].

NCDA Career Convergence Highlights

The February issue of NCDA Career Convergence expands our horizons in a past, present, and future sense. The Features section looks back at early women pioneers in our career development field. The Post-Secondary section looks at the present-day realities of international students’ career needs in light of COVID-19 and the social justice awakening in the U.S. Micro-aggressions of LBTQ+ individuals, past and present, along with opportunities for careers professionals to make a difference in the future, are explored in the Workplaces section.

We All Want to Change the World: An Introduction to the Series, Early Women Pioneers in Career Development  by Sarah Patterson-Mills 

This is the first herstorical article (i.e., a history of pioneering women in career development written by a woman) in a series designed to broaden our understanding of the visionary women who helped carve the career development field before and during the Progressive Era. Their struggles and reforms influenced career development and will be compared to todays career issues. Guidelines for practice and potential solutions will be explored.

Serving International Graduate Students in the Context of COVID-19 and Social Justice Awakening in the United States by Paola A. Barriga

Institutions that host international graduate students gain diverse cross-cultural perspectives. COVID-19, however, has exacerbated the challenges these students face. Career practitioners can assist students by assessing their financial support, adviser assignment, career perspectives, holistic experiences, and mental health status.

LGBTQ+ Microaggressions in The Workplace by Jonah Friedman

The LGBTQ+ community faces discrimination as a result of sexual and gender identity marginalizations. This article examines the workplace microaggressions encountered by the population. Explored are coping mechanisms, workplace impact, and potential for career counselor intervention in future research and intersectional queer experiences.

Inspiration for February 2021


The James Altucher Show


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