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Dear Friends & Members,

A new year is here. I hope the next 12 months brings a return to work for the unemployed and delivers us the ability to interact in person, personally and professionally. 

At Maine Career Development Association, we have been (over Zoom) reflecting on our learnings from last year. We are excited by your participation and engagement. To keep up the momentum, our committees are meetng this month to plan programming to address your professional needs. Our committees are made up. We have a lot of fun, but we take our mandate of serving you very seriously. Please consider joining us!! 

Until February, please take care.  I hope to see you at the upcoming Career Cafe!!


Holly Smevog

MCDA President

TIPS  for Looking For Work in 2021

by Christine Murphy, PhD, MCDA Board Member

Director of Donor Engagement & Major Gifts at United Way of Greater Portland

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt by all of us. For many, in Maine and across the globe, this impact includes reduced hours at work, or losing their jobs completely. For those who are looking to find new work, increased work, or even take this time to cultivate new skills to make a complete career path change, here are some tips and resources. 
  1. First, make sure you are fully aware of all mandates and requirements pertaining to Covid-19 response in Maine:  https://www.maine.gov/covid19/

  2. As you begin, or continue your job search, take time to understand the resources available to you. The Southern Maine Workers’ Center has compiled a list of Covid-19 resources, ranging from information on workers’ rights, health care coverage, and a work support hotline: https://maineworkers.org/worker-resources-information-covid-19/

  3. As you apply for jobs during the pandemic, most of the application and interview process will be moved online. This may require a new appreciation of technical skills and virtual practices. For example, 

  4. Get comfortable with video conferencing. Interviews may be over the phone, or a virtual video platform. Pay attention to lighting, volume, and the noise of your surroundings. 

  5. Like any skill, video interviews take practice! Try meeting with friends or family over Zoom for a mock virtual interview. Ask for feedback on everything from your answers to your background visible in the video. 

  6. Make sure your virtual footprint is clean. Update your LinkedIn profile, doublecheck your Facebook or Instagram accounts to limit the amount of publicly accessible material. With job applications going almost entirely virtual, it is important your social media presence reflects your best self. 

  7. Mirror the language in the job call with the language in your application.  Adjusting the terminology and word choice in your resume and your cover letter will help both pass the automated screen process so many companies rely on. Your best chance of getting an interview is making sure your application materials make it to a pair of human eyes. 

  8. Be gentle with yourself. Current data suggests people apply to 5-10 times the number of jobs that you have applied to before the pandemic. Job searches take time during the best circumstances. 

For more information, consider the following links: 




In Maine....10,639 job openings

Maine’s official state job board lists 10,639 jobs available, about one job for every four workers currently receiving unemployment benefits. Several private estimates show fewer openings — Monster.com lists just over 6,000 jobs while Opportunity Insights found 6,500 postings in December.

(Source: Bangor Daily News, Jan 2, 2021.)


Maine Bureau of Employment Services

Rapid Response Information for Laid Off Workers



State Jobs


Maine Career Center Assistance


Non-Profit Jobs in Maine


Live & Work In Maine Job Search


Maine Higher Education Students & Veterans: Scholarships Available at Roux

Of the $100 million gift by the Harold Alfond Foundation, $63.4 million will go toward tuition scholarships over 10 years. Its beneficiaries will form a talent pool that is poised to attract new companies and an additional workforce to Maine.

Need-based financial aid dollars will support up to 100 percent of first-year tuition for 200 learners in year one of the initiative, and 300 learners in year two. In year three, 500 learners will have up to half of their first-year tuition covered. 

Veterans will be among the groups prioritized to receive the new scholarships. Maine offers generous benefits to attract and serve veterans, who comprise 11 percent of the state’s population (which is close to double the national average), and more than 12,000 of the veterans in Maine are younger than 40. 

Other prioritized groups will include graduates from New England colleges and universities; women and members of demographic groups that are under-represented in the technology and science economy; and rural Mainers, with the goal of achieving a student body at the Roux Institute that represents the demographics of Maine. More Info.


January Event

 Career Cafe

 A Virtual Conversation

Tuesday, January 26th

8:30-10:00, via Zoom

Using breakout rooms, attendees will have a choice to discuss the following topics:

TOPIC 1: Virtual Fairs

TOPIC 2: Remote Work Success

TOPIC 3: Social Justice in Career Development
TOPIC 4: Good Books - What are you reading? Professional Personal?

Registration details wil be emailed on posted on the website soon.




Connecticut Workshops & Conversations, Jan 27, Feb. 24, March 24

Rhode Island Virtual Conference January 12 & 13

Inspiration for 2021 - Pay Attention to What Brings You Joy! 

When things feel dark, it can be all the more important to seek out and recognize joy. 

Enjoy this podcast & discover strategies to brighten up 2021!

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