NEWSLETTER / July 2020

Dear friends and members,  

I hope you all had a chance to take a break and recharge over the July holiday.  As I write this, the news is reporting fewer than 20 cases of COVID-19 in Maine.  Virtual work and masks must be working! I know we all look forward to the time when we can meet again in person.

As I reflect on my own leadership role with MCDA and our association's responsibility in light of the social and racial justice movement, I would like to share from an article I recently read from Harvard Business Review that talked about what inclusive leadership really means. The article presented three possible action items for leaders and managers. One is to create a personal advisory board to critique and guide behavior and systemic communication. The second is to put yourself into uncomfortable situations--engage with all of your colleagues and employees at all levels to hear what they're saying and understand concerns and priorities.  The third way is to share your journey publicly, be humble, and demonstrate empathy by getting real and personal, and set up a process where others do the same.

I have learned a lot through increased reading, conversations, and reflections in recent days and plan to continue to learn, practice, fail and get back up again. We all share streets, communities, countries, and a planet, balancing resilience and fragility. I thank all of you for being a part of this professional community and for being on this journey with me.

Hang in there and reach out if you need anything! If you are participating in the NCDA Annual Conference virtually, let's share what we learn!

Best regards, 


Social Justice Responses from Our Parent Organizations

American Counseling Association

Anti-Racism Statement

After discussion and discernment, the ACA Governing Council has issued the following statement on Anti-racism. Click for More

National Career Development Association Social Justice Resources

We condemn racially-motivated violence against BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities. Click for More


2020 Conference Webinar Series

Friday, July 24, 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm
Resilient U How to Help People Bring
Their Best, Most Resilient Selves
to Their Job Search and Their Work
Presenter: David Lee
VP Form

Tuesday, August 41:00 pm – 2:15 pm
The Importance of Story in Career Advising
Presenter: Susan Daigneault

Wednesday, August 19, 10:00 am – 11:15 am
The Intersection of Career Development
and Mental Health Counseling:
How I built a holistic career counseling practice
and what I learned in my first year
Presenter: Anush Hansen

Save the Date! MCDA Fall Workshop:

Friday, November 13, 2020

Life Design for Navigating Change

Re-Imagining the Career Experience in a Post Covid19 World

Farouk Dey, VP at Johns Hopkins

TEDx Speaker 2019 | LinkedIn Top Voice in Education 2018

Location:TBD (Virtual or Bates College)


New Website: In June, MCDA moved to a new website and contact management platform for the purpose of improved communication to our members and better delivery of resources and content.  You can access the new site by Clicking Here.  Kudos to Haley Brown and her team for this great progress!

Board Changes: We're welcoming new board members and saying thank you to those who have generously contributed to MCDA for years. 

Stacy Stewart from USM is the new President Elect and Amy Jaffe is stepping down having served as Secretary, President and, most recently, Past President. Under Amy's leadership our membership grew and engagement on committees flourished.  Amy helped spearhead the relationship between MCDA and regional CDAs from neighboring states to increase access to professional development across borders.

Donna Gaspar-Jarvis from UNE and Margaret Brownlee from SMCC join us as At-Large board members as Leslie Smith (UNH) and Kim Moore (DOL) end their long terms. Thank you, Leslie and Kim, for many generous years of time, effort and smiles for MCDA.

New Committee Member: Michelle Tullier of private practice Tullier Consulting, LLC has joined us on our newsletter committee. A full list of board members and committee members will be shared in the August newsletter.

Thank you to all for your willingness to volunteer to build and serve this community of career development practitioners.

Career Convergence Highlights

NCDA's Career Convergence magazine is usually not published in July, but like many things about 2020, this year marks an exception for the magazine! There is a July issue in order to honor the authors of award-winning articles from past issues since they would typically be recognized at the annual NCDA Global Career Development Conference if we were meeting in person.

In case you missed these articles when they were first published, or if you want to revisit some of them (since many of them merit a re-read!), the articles are linked below and their abstracts are provided for your convenience:

Creating Positive Spaces for Career Counseling with Transgender Clients 

by Sue Motulsky and Emily Frank

Transgender and gender non-binary individuals experience significant stigma and discrimination in employment, the workplace, educational settings, and when accessing career services. Recently, there has been an explosion of research on transgender youth and adults, including identity struggles, professional barriers, and resilience. Trans-affirmative, positive career counseling strategies can empower transgender clients.

What’s Love Got to Do with…Careers? 

by Tara Iagulli

The complexities introduced into career counseling by couples provide challenges that foster creative energy and problem solving, particularly the issues surrounding romantic relationships. Here are concrete suggestions for connecting on a deep level with students to help them manage their major life transitions, while priming the pump for future development work. 

Using Adlerian Counseling Strategies to Help Career Clients Design Their Futures 

by Mariagrazia Buttitta and Marion Cavallaro

The purpose of this article is to provide career practitioners with specific techniques that integrate three effective Adlerian Counseling strategies during the various stages of career counseling: (a) the strength-based interview, (b) early recollections, and (c) the "acting as if" technique.

Career Development Keys to Post-School Transition Success for Students with ADHD 

by Abiola Dipeolu, Jessica L. Sniatecki, and Marvin Lalin

Career counselors possess the skills necessary to assist students with ADHD attain post-school transition success given their unique blend of skills and training. This article will discuss targeted career counseling and development ideas and activities aimed at helping students with ADHD successfully prepare for the world of work.

Cultural Blind Spots in Career Counseling with International Students 

by Satomi Yaji Chudasama

Cultural differences encountered by international students during the job search process are evident. What about cultural differences that should be considered while providing career counseling to this group? This article explores cultural blind spots that are easily overlooked by counselors.

What Career Counselors Need to Know About Refugees 

by Shadin Atiyeh

In response to the negative stereotypes of refugees, the crisis in Syria, and the wavering commitment to increase arrivals to the United States, the career counseling profession has a role in advocating for and serving refugees. This article offers a background on the refugee experience and how career counselors can respond. 


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