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Maine Career Development Association

MCDA Mission

“Maine Career Development Association is dedicated to creating professional development opportunities for people in Maine who provide career information and career assistance to others.”


1. Please join us for the webinars!
2. Please renew your membership!

A word about your membership. Annual dues are $20.00. MCDA is dependent upon these dues to maintain the website, the monthly newsletter, and to provide professional development opportunities, e.g., Annual Conference, Fall Workshop, and Career Cafés throughout the year.   


We recognize that some have been adversely affected financially by COVID19.  We also know that many of your employers are not able to support professional development this year.  Therefore, we are waiving the annual membership fee this year for those who are unable to pay.  Simply select the 2020-2021 COVID Membership Waiver option when renewing your membership. There will be no questions asked about why.  We simply want you to be able to stay with us (or join
for the first time).

It is important that we support each other in the profession.  Now it is more important than ever that we provide professional development and just plain old collegial support to one another.  If you can afford the fee, that is great, but if not, don’t let that be a barrier to being a part of MCDA.

Upcoming events

Video of the Month - TED Talk: You're Always On: Your Career Development Cycle, Greg Shirley University of Texas - Arlington

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