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Maine Career Development Association

New England Career Development Association Consortium

MCDA has joined MA, RI, CT and NH/VT CDAs in a new consortium to provide additional benefit and professional development opportunities to MCDA members. Each New England Consortium (NEC) State Division CDA that is sponsoring a professional development activity (e.g., workshop, webinar or networking activity, conference) will agree to allow members in good standing of any of the six NEC State Divisions CDA’s to participate in that NEC activity at the “member rate”, if there is a “member” rate for that activity set by the NEC CDA that is offering/ sponsoring that activity.

If a “non-member” in any of the six New England States wants to attend such an activity, they will be charged the “non-member” rate that the sponsoring State Division CDA would normally charge any “non-member”, including NCDA members who are not currently members of their local CDA’s.

  • MCDA members are encouraged attend events throughout New England with this new discounted rate.
  • NH/VT, MA, CT and RI members are welcome to attend any or all of MCDA events.

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